sobota, 26 stycznia 2013

...Bien Sûr!

"...Diderot preached the right of the individual to determine the course of his or her life. But the type of liberty that underpins Diderot’s body of work differs markedly from today’s hackneyed understanding of freedom. His message was of intellectual emancipation from received authorities — be they religious, political or societal — and always in the interest of the common good..."

źródło: "International Herald Tribune - The New York Times"

"...Diderot embodied the most progressive wing of Enlightenment thought, a position that stemmed from his belief that skepticism in all matters was “the first step toward truth...” 

Co cytuję w przekonaniu, że z czytelnie uzasadnioną radością...

...bez niestosownej w tych okolicznościach dociekliwości.