piątek, 19 lipca 2013

Join Now !

źródło: "ISB Newsletter"
"Dear ISB Friends,

What would you say if 17 of your musical heros joined forces on a recording to say thank you for doing a job that most of the time doesn't feel like work at all? Please let me know, because I was speechless when ths happened to me at the recent ISB Big Bass Bash! The world of the double bass is the most joyful planet in the musical universe and the ISB strives each and every day to bring musicians and music-lovers together, with imagination and a sense of fellowship. It continues to be my honor to serve the ISB, and if you love being part of the worldwide, big bass family as I do, then please buy this CD! You'll hear music (and some spoken word!) by John Clayton, Ron Carter, Rufus Reid, Edgar Meyer, Lynn Seaton, Chris Kosky, Michael Moore, Thierry Barbe, Todd Coolman, Gary Karr, Mark Dresser, Alan Lewine, Davd Murray, Tom Knific, Jeff Bradetich, Jim Ferguson and Frank Proto. 100% of sales benefits the ISB. (My Dad has already bought 15 copies, so I know what everyone in my family is getting for Christmas!)

Support the ISB and you'll make me a very Glad Mad!


Madeleine Crouch
ISB General Manager and Proud Honorary Bassist"

(photo by Wanda L. Brno 2010)